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Sustainable Outdoor Gear


Our Story

Sustainable Adventure Gear | Erie, PA

Hikes and Hose LLC is a family-owned outdoor adventure gear company based in Erie, Pennsylvania. We proudly provide sustainable & handmade outdoor gear for biking, hiking and more. Our products are made of recycled materials (firehose, fabrics & more), and most of our offerings are customizable because one size doesn’t fit all. Feel free to contact us with any ideas or questions. We would love to create your next outdoor gear purchase that best suits you.

About the Founders
The Thomas family, a tight-knit team of 6, started Hikes and Hose during the COVID-19 pandemic. Looking for safe things to do, they started hiking more and more, but there was a problem. Hiking gear, and outdoor gear in general, was too expensive and often made with cheap material. So, they decided to make their own. This idea was paired with a passion for the environment and the need to reduce waste.


Hikes and Hose works with a local firehose manufacturer right here in Erie, Pennsylvania to reduce waste and create something new for anyone to enjoy. Utilizing the hose that is tossed due to flaw and human error, the Thomas family creates many unique and bright products that has now become their Recycled Firehose Collection.

Lee Ann Long, PA

"Absolutely love our pull toy-Thank you!"
Thank you Lee Ann for your support and kind words!

Custom Order Form

Submit a form to get started on your next custom frame bag, backpack or cycle-set! Be sure to include any detail features you wish to discuss and someone will be in contact with you to start the ordering process and details on deposits and lead times!

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