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Recycled Firehose:
Unique material = unforgettable creations

At Hikes and Hose, sustainability meets durability with our celebrated line of recycled firehose products. Our firehose comes from a local Northwest Pennsylvania manufacturer, and your support allows us to help them in efforts to reduce waste.

Unmatched durability and strength
A lifesaver in times of crisis, firehose material is extremely durable, as its combination of rubber and nylon is able to handle both extreme heat and immense amounts of water pressure. In other words, it’s really, really tough. We use that strength in our tote bags, billfolds, dog toys, koozies, and more. When buying any of these products, you’re choosing the same materials that your local firefighters trust when protecting their communities and battling dangerous disasters.  
Be eco-friendly AND stylish
Hikes and Hose is dedicated to sustainable business practices and reducing our carbon footprint. Our recycled firehose products are a reflection of these values. By repurposing firehose that would otherwise be discarded, we’re breathing new life into a resilient and beautiful material. We’re lessening the need for new materials, plus we’re demonstrating innovative recycling practices, and proving that the outdoor gear industry can love nature just as much as our customers do. 
Picking a “green” or sustainable product can often be a style sacrifice. Not here. Our firehose products not only sport vibrant colors, but the unique texture and bold stamped designs will definitely make your drink koozie and matching tote bag stand out. When someone notices (trust us: they will), you can pass along the awesome origin story.
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Welcome to the Hikes and Hose family. Shop our firehose products, and everything else we have to offer!

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